A communicative passion, from father to son


Blacksmith training, I converted to the manufacture of swiss bells for the love of this ancestral art. I have been passionate about this unique profession for more than 20 years and I am proud to be one of the best references in this field. I love to talk about my job with my heart, while transmitting our Swiss values ​​and traditions to safeguard this art that is part of our heritage. And fortunately the succession is assured!


My father knew how to transmit to me his passion for an art and a job more and more rare. I joined him in 2006 where I devoted myself to making swiss bells while also bringing a new and sometimes modern touch to an ancestral know-how. Since 2017, I have the immense privilege of taking over the business. I have the honor of continuing to ring the bells far and wide to perpetuate the traditions of my ancestors.