Le Toupin

What is it?

A toupin is a forged steel bell. Different names are given in different regions of Switzerland: "Sonnette" in Valais, "Potet" in Neuchâtel or "Sonnailles" in Fribourg, for example.

What’s the use?

Bells are essential for farmers to locate their livestock, to keep alpine predators away or to identify an injured cow. Toupins (big bells) are essentially parade objects. In addition, they are also part of the family patrimony and are transmitted from generation to generation. Nowadays, offering a <toupin> Bell marks our attachment to our traditions (eg Folklore events or even weddings and births

And in the History?

Ancient Egyptian paintings dating back to 3,500 already represent cows with bells. The Bronze Age lacustrians, Greeks and Romans also melted bells. In Europe, there are remnants of ancient bells, and it is since 1800 that the bells have reached the current forms. In particular the Alpine Arc and mainly Switzerland, have developed a very large bell called "toupin". The size of the bell informs us of the notoriety of the exploitation.

And nowadays?

For 20 years, we have adapted our products to the new farming conditions and modern life:
- Evolution of sizes
- Creation of new shapes and materials
- Our specialty, unique in the world, the customization of « toupin » bells!