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N°1. Toupin VD 11, without deco with simple black belt



N°3. Toupin VD 4, Vallee de Joux decoration, belt white and red borders with patches and embroidery.


N°5. Toupin VD 10, simple horse decoration, without belt


N°7. Cloche acier Gr.8, with simple black belt 


N°9. Toupin VD 10, simple engraved, belt border red and white with patches and embroidery.


N°11. Toupin VD 2, Switzerland engraved, traditional belt.


N°13. Toupin VD 6, Alpes engraving, simple black belt.


N°2. Toupin VD 5, simple engraving with small text, simple natural belt 


N°4. Toupin VD 11, Alps decoration engraving, simple belt red and white  


N°6. Toupin VD 1, Edelweiss flower engraved, simple black belt for presentation 


N°8. Toupin VD 11, enameled alpine decor, brown belt with engraved decoration in leather 


N°10. Steel bell Gr.6, blued and decorated, red presentation belt 


N°12. Toupin VD 11, Queen fight 


N°14. Demi toupin VD 4, Half Bell clock with Swiss decoration